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Betrayal, Revenge, Love, Redemption. To honor the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, LOFT Frankfurt presents a modern multi-media version of his last play, The Tempest. Starring Paul Cowlan as Prospero. Directed by PJ Escobio.
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LOFT Frankfurt honors the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death with a modern multi-media production of his last play, The Tempest, directed by PJ Escobio.
It follows the castaways of a magical storm and their adventures on Prospero's island. Greedy royalty, debacherous clowns, resentful and confused natives all attempt to navigate a world controlled by the powerful sorcerer, Prospero, and his internet-savvy slave, Ariel.
At a time when the world appears most tempestuous and unsettled, this play offers insight into the powerplays and relationships which are still recognisable in the world today. Filled with danger, comedy and magic, this staging of the original folio version in a modern setting promises to bring nuance and clarity to Shakespeare's final masterpiece.

Actors: James Bailey, Paul Cowlan, David Edgcumbe, Antonia Görge, Sara Jones, Michael Kinzer, Thomas Lehmann, Vera Mark and Jim Phetterplace.
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