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Now celebrating its 50th year, George Balanchine’s sparkling ballet still shines with all the brilliance of the gemstones that inspired it.
Ballet in three parts.
Running time: aprox. 2h30, incl. two intervals

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George Balanchine 's evocation of the sparkle of emeralds, rubies and diamonds is a brilliant ballet classic. The French Romantic music of Fauré provides the impetus for the subtlety and lyricism of 'Emeralds', while the fire of 'Rubies' comes from Stravinsky and the jazz-age energy of New York. Grandeur and elegance complete the ballet with the splendour of Imperial Russia and the peerless music of Tchaikovsky in 'Diamonds'. Jewels is a masterclass in the many luminous facets of classical ballet and indeed of The Royal Ballet itself: the virtuoso choreography of Balanchine, the intensity of the soloists and the precision of the entire Company.

Choreography: George Balanchine
Music: Gabriel Fauré, Igor Strqvinsky and Pyotr Il'ych Tchaiskovsky
Conductor: Pavel Sorokin
Cast: The Royal Ballet; performaners tba

Running time: approx. 2h30, incl. two intervals.
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