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Estuary Players, Dublin, are back with a satirical and witty play by the acclaimed American play writer David Mamet. The President of the US wants to be reelected but is faced with the fact that nobody can stand him. Willing to change the situation he comes up with the funniest solutions.
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November is regarded as David Mamet's funniest play. It centers around the last few days of US President Charles P. Smith's first term in office. He has not been a good President and reelection seems impossible. His efforts to turn the tide provide us with more belly laughs than we have a right to expect. Supported by his unwilling aide and lesbian speechwriter he hatches a plan to keep him in office for four more years. It's Thanksgiving and there are turkeys to be pardoned. Could this be his saviour? Mamet's satirical play is an uncompromising yet scathingly hilarious take on America today and the lengths to which people will go to win.
The semi-professional Estuary Players, directed by Myra Maguire, perform extensively and have won many awards in their home country Ireland. They also toured the US and Canada.

Author: David Mamet
Cast: John Furlong (Charles P Smith), Tom Singleton (Archer Brown), Jackie Murphy (Bernstein), John Sweeney (Turkey Representative), Eddie Brady (Dwight Grackle)
Director: Myra Maguire
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