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Haunauer Landstr. 5-7, 60314 Frankfurt/Main

One of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, whose themes of Feminism and gender roles are highly relevant today. A story of twins, separated by fate, and how they become the objects of affection for two very different people. Along the way are drunkards, knights, clowns, pirates, and a bit of Jazz. The LOFT Frankfurt, directed by PJ Escobio.
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The LOFT Frankfurt brings its second show of the 2017-18 season to the ITF. This is one of Shakespeare's most unique plays as the story does not revolve solely around royalty but also the lives of many everyday characters. It addresses the issues of sexual orientation and feminism in a world with very strict rules of conduct. The production is set in the time between the wars here in Europe when new ideas and opinions were being expressed more openly and on a grander scale than ever before. With new music composed & played by James Bailey the LOFT Frankfurt is proud to bring another classical story into the modern age and make it accessible for the multicultural community that is Frankfurt.

Cast: Meredith McKay, Sara Jones, Jim Phetterplace, Micheal Kinzer, Tracey Grey, James E. Bailey, Paul Cowlan, Varvara Pomoni, Jacqueline Teegarden, Phil Reuben, PJ Escobio, Conor Doyle, and Emilio Götterbarm. Music: James Bailey.

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