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Stadtkirche Darmstadt

Kirchstr. 11, 64283 Darmstadt

Isabel Sörling (voc)
is an adventures and experimental vocalist from Sweden who has been making herself a name on the Scandinavian jazz and improvisation scene as well in France. She has a bachelor diploma in vocal jazz improvisation after two years in the Academy of Music in Gothenburg and one year at »Conservatoire National Superiour Musique et Danse de Paris«. In april 2012 the debutalbum of the contemporary freejazz group »Isabel Sörling Farvel« was released, a band who also won the Nordic Jazz Competion »Young Nordic Jazz Comets« in 2010. In 2012 they were awarded with the prestigious prize »JAZZKATT« in the category »Newcomers of the Year« by the Swedish National Radio.
The motivation of the jury: »An artist with amazing courage - plunging into the unknown, with her imagination and expression affecting every listener who has a heart«. In december 2013 she released her first solo album produced by Ibrahim Maalouf in France.
Today she's active internationally with a strong focus on Sweden, Norway and France in many different projects.

Kim Aksnes (tp)
is a trumpet player who can't stand being a goddamn trumpet player! Rather than standing in front of the band playing a forceful solo, he finds it much more interesting to take a step back. To be a part of the band - morphing the trumpet sound into the collective sound, also taking on the role as a comp musician... Of course this comes as a natural consequence of the fact that Kim Aksnes is very much into abstract music, endorsing the philosophy of improv- and contemporary music. Kim playes in various projects, ranging from free improvisation to all out rock music, with the occasional fanfare gig.

Otis Sandsjö (sax, cl)
Born in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Saxophonist/improviser/composer exploring the vacuum between contemporary improv, roman folk music techniques and instrumental pop.
He´s a leading member of the bands »FARVEL« (SE/NO)(prev. Isabel Sörling Farvel), »GOTHENBURG GADJOS« (SE/DK) and »LUCIA CADOTSCH SPEAK LOW« (CH/SE) and is currently working on the debut album with his own project »OTIS SUN« with Elias Stemeseder, Petter Eldh and Tilo Weber.
Sandsjö recently composed and performed the solo saxophone music for the piece »BABY IT`S YOU, NOT ME«, with the dance/performance group »THE MOB« (DK/SE).

Henrik Magnusson (p)
is a pianist who during his career has played many different genres. In bands like »Farvel« and »Linus Fredin trio,« he has developed a style that playfully explores which elements are possible to mix into the modern improvised music. With melodies and harmonies that switches between the complex to the next to banal, Magnusson blurs the lines between both genres, but also between composition and improvisation.

Alfred Lorinius (b)
is a free lancing bass player and composer from Sweden. He's playing with a number of groups besides »Farvel«, »Naoko Sakata Trio«, »Dark Horse« and his own band »Stormfågel« to name a few. With his broad spectra of musical contexts, he has made a name for himself as one of Scandinavia's more interesting musicians.

Carl-Johan Groth (dr)
is a drummer from Arvika, Värmland. After his musical education at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg. Carl-Johan has performed many gigs in different projects and music groups around Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.
Together with jazz and improvised music, Carl-Johan also plays music from the tradition of Swedish folk music. Where he is involved in the new folk tradition of drums and percussion. He is playing and performing with many of Sweden's greatest folk musicians.
Today Carl-Johan lives in Stockholm where he teaches students in drums and percussions. He also studies gender and equality at the Stockholm University.