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Stadtkirche Darmstadt

Kirchstr. 11, 64283 Darmstadt

»Jazz blossoms with deep roots« is how the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper summarised a concert appearance of Natalia Mateo. This 1983 born vocalist is a wanderer between the worlds - musically and in real life. Born in Poland, raised in Austria and now living in Germany, she has absorbed the most varied of impressions and cultures into her being: She draws from the Slavic ballad tradition, from American jazz and singer-songwriters ranging from Joni Mitchell to Amy MacDonald, and from contemporary pop and rock music. Her music is a highly personal declaration of love to tradition and modernity, to familiarity on the one hand and on the other to the wanderlust throbbing in her heart and head, to the beauty of emotional attachment, of deepest interpersonal relationships and the independence we live while in them. The »Jazzpodium« writes of the singer: »Mateo’s voice has something crystalline, something wistfully brittle. She sounds vulnerable, but not violated, self-confident but without the slightest hint of elitist ambition.« And the »Jazzthetik« sees in her music »the mysterious other that casts a spell on you.«

Natalia Mateo (voc)
Dany Ahmad (g)
Simon Grote (p)
Hannes Hüfken (b)
Christoph Hillmann (dr)